rad3 - DogBox for BULLITT (with door)

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    Our DogBox is designed to carry your dog or your bigger purchases.
    Inspired by a big player and adapted to the BULLITT. The box is manufactured in Leipzig and made of water-resistant ply wood, 6 and 9 mm thick, respectively.

    ATTENTION, in comparison to the kids box there is no backrest, seat belts and cushion!
    Side with door is included to make the entrance easier for your dog.

    The box is easy to strip down: Just release the belt, take off the side boards - and now you can transport your fridge layed across the platform. To insert or to remove the back plate is as easy: open the belt, get the plate in or out, feed the belt through the slits as needed, fasten it tight, and your are ready to go.

    ATTENTION: Current lead time app. 4-6 weeks!

    Plane für Box

    Abdeckplane gegen Regen, neugierige Blicke und mehr. Für die Kinder um 1/3 aufrollbar.

    Großes Canopy

    Mehr Schutz für Ihre Kinder bei JEDEM Wetter aber bei Sonne auch offen zu nutzen.


    Mehr Optionen?

    Farben für die Stoffe, Kissenbezug, Seite mit Tür für Kinder oder den Hund - alles möglich.

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